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Terms & Costs of Loans

Loan Terms

Loan TermsAre between 6 Months & 72 Months (6 Years)

Interest Rates

Standard Interest Rate12.95% up to 29.75%
Default Interest Rate5% over and above annual interest rate

Establishment Fee

Basic Review or Restructure$95.00 to $145.00
Full Reviews$195.00
Joint Full Reviews$295.00
Consolidation Individual$290 to $390
Consolidation Joint$390 to $495

Bank Statement Fee

Bank Statement Fee$1.95 per bank account

E-Signing Fee

E-Signing Fee$1.50

Credit Check Fee

Bureau 1$6.90
Bureau 2$6.40

Licence Verification

Bureau 1$0.57
Bureau 2$1.33
Smart ID incl NZ Drivers Licence$3.16 per enquiry
Smart ID incl NZ Passport$3.45 per enquiry

Security Fees

PPSR Registration or Renewal Bureau 1$17.25
PPSR Registration or Renewal Bureau 2$13.66
PPSR Search Bureau 1$2.30
PPSR Search Bureau 2$2.50
PPSR Amendment or Discharge Bureau 1$2.87
PPSR Amendment or Discharge Bureau 2$2.71

Account Maintenance Charge

Loans Paid Weekly$2.00/Week
Loans Paid Fortnightly$4.00/Fortnight
Loans Paid Monthly$8.00/Month

Credit Balance Fee

Credit Balance Fee$10.00 per refund

Default Fees

Missed Payment Fee$3.00 per missed payment
Emails$10.00 per email
Letters$15.00 per letter
Home Visits$45.00 per local visit

Basic Terms

  • Loans are between 6 months and 72 months (6 years) preferred.
  • Ezi Finance Interest rates range from 12.95% to 29.75% per annum
    (Interest rates will depend on value and the term of the loan)
  • Our default interest rate is 5% over and above the annual interest rate
    (Default Interest is charged on the arrears amount only not the full balance owing)

Method Of Charging Interest

Interest charges are calculated by multiplying the unpaid balance at the end of the day by a daily interest rate. The daily interest rate is calculated by dividing the annual interest rate by 365. Interest is charged to your account weekly.

Insurance Cover (PPI)

Payment Protection Insurance cover is an optional extra. The cost of this may be included in the loan and varies based on loan amount and income source. Payment protection Insurance (PPI) protects you for the repayment of your loan obligations to the Financer, if you suffer an insured event.

(PPI) offers various cover options. The extent of your cover only applies to the insured events and benefits, which are shown in your policy schedule.

(PPI) is calculated on a percentage of the loan basis.

Account Maintenance / Administration Fee

This is a fee that is charged per installment towards the on-going maintenance and processing of a loan. It is a contribution towards an actual cost or transaction value, this is not income based.

Default Fees

These are the fees that are charged should the loan contract be breached at any stage. These fees compensate Ezi Finance for the costs incurred by us in order that we enforce or remedy a breach under the agreement. This fee will be added to the unpaid balance.

Understanding Your Contract & Insurance Policy

Understanding Your Terms & Conditions of Contract

Understanding Your Terms & Conditions of Contract